Blackjack Comes Back Strong

The popularity of gaming is growing at a record pace. From televised poker tours to online gaming establishments, the public cannot get enough when it comes to the games that make casinos one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. Poker tournaments that are televised have steadily soared in ratings over the past decade, leaving all of the major networks clamoring to get their hands on some form of gaming that they can put to their advantage. CBS has turned their focus to blackjack. There are many reasons that people latch onto this game so easily, making it an ideal choice for the mass of potential viewers. The winnings can be big, and the rules are simple. Additionally, game play is fast-paced, keeping viewers consistently engaged.

The Rules of Play

blackjackCBS has plans to air coverage of the National Blackjack Tour. This tournament brings together a considerable number of the world’s best poker players to compete for a chance to take home $1 million. Both the jackpot and the star power is cause enough for CBS to think big when it comes to possible ratings for this event. Each match has the potential to eliminate of the 100 players who are scheduled to be competing, making the stakes high at every turn. Roughly ten of the biggest names in poker will be appearing with hopes of being the chip leader each and every time after 30 hands in order to move forward in the tournament.

What It Takes to be a Star

Among the biggest names taking their seats at the table are Johnny Chan, Ken Einiger, and Phil Hellmuth. Despite the popularity and fame that comes to these players, not all of them wish to become stars. The recent media attention has put many individuals in the spotlight who did not start this type of career for the glitz and glamour. In fact, many of the hottest names in the game often appear on television in disguises or fully dressed in costume in order to hide their identity. While CBS is certainly promoting these events based on the players present, the possibilities when it comes to flair and surprises is certainly an added bonus.