A Peek at Innovation

Baccarat is a staple of traditional casino games, offering players excitement and winning opportunities that no other game can present. Despite the age and popularity of this game, it has not been one that is off limits when it comes to bringing traditional games to the attention of new players in the constantly growing digital landscape of gaming itself. One of the major players to take a second look at how players can have access to this beloved game is Platinum Play. They have taken the traditional baccarat format and expanded it to include multi-bet tables that are partnered with rich graphics and unprecedented levels of player interaction.

platinum casino play

The Difference Is Clear

Platinum Play has partnered with Microgaming in order to make this new game one that is simply too good to pass up. Together, they have created a baccarat experience that is full of innovative features and unexpected perks that engage players like never before. Among the innovative features that keep players talking is the idea of “Card Peeking.” Using this feature, players have the opportunity to essentially rotate their perspective of the game play in order to see select cards that are being dealt which would normally remain hidden during traditional play. While the popularity of this version of Baccarat is popular in Europe and North America, the feedback from Asian players has been particularly compelling for the game developers. Another change to the traditional Baccarat system is the fact that players can place multiple bets simultaneously. Entitled “Baccarat Gold,” this online gaming experience creates a digital gaming experience that attacks the senses in every way. Rewards, entertainment, and cutting-edge technology are the foundations of success for Baccarat Gold.

More To Work With

Eight packs of cards are incorporated in every game and players can bet on a minimum of one hand. The maximum bet applies to nine hands. The traditional rules of Baccarat still apply, and players can still win substantial amounts of money in a single hand. Platinum Play has prided itself in creating a Baccarat experience that is suitable for seasoned players in addition to players who are new to casino table games in general.