Casino Games and Card Games Minimum Bets in Macau

Macau’s casinos feature the best card games and casino games anywhere. More people are flocking to Macau to gamble than ever before, many times more than go to Las Vegas. Mass market revenue for gaming far suppresses Las Vegas play, which relies on VIP play, and accounts for up to 40 percent of Macau’s gaming take.

Macau Casino

Minimum baccarat bets in Macau’s top casinos start at $300 Hong Kong dollars, around $40 U.S. Roulette tables have lower minimums. Crap tables are scarce in Macau, but do exist and have low minimum bets. Chinese also play sic bo, a dice contest also referred to as cussec and big-small.

Blackjack bets in Macau casinos seem evenly divided between HK$300 minimum bets and higher amounts. However, blackjack isn;t as popular game as baccarat. Government table limits mean many Macau casinos put n many more baccarat tables as a result. they’re interested in profits, so don;t look for a variety of games, just the most popular ones.

Macau casinos have re-arranged tables to emphasize mass games. For example. the Grand Lisboa casino has placed it’s lowest minimum games on the ground floor where once those table were on the third floor. Games with HK$500 minimum bets are on the second floor, a standard placement in Macau casinos today.

Wynn Macau has been making strides wit a humongous ground floor operation featuring a large volume of HK$300 minimum tables. MGM Macau and Cacao have fewer HK$300 tables and a larger emphasis on HK$500 minimum tables. City of Dreams and Venetian Macao each feature a large array of HK$300 baccarat minimum tables.

The future looks bright for Macau casino games and card games with the addition of HK$500 to HK$3,000 tables also gaining steam, analysts say.