Ivey Suing to Recover Baccarat Winnings

Phil Ivey is one of the best poker players in the world, but apparently that is not the only card game in which he excels. Recently, Ivey won more than $12 million playing Punto Banco, which is a kind of baccarat. Ivey won big in August 2012 at the Crockfords Casino in London while playing the game, and now the casino operator is refusing to pay up.

phil iveyIvey, 38, has 10 World Series of Poker bracelets in his collection, but apparently his skill at cards is not welcome at the Punto Banco tables after he took them for the massive amount. The casino’s parent corporation, Genting, is refusing to pay Ivey because they submit he cheated.

Genting says that Ivey used a form of cheating known as edge sorting. Edge sorting is a form of cheating that is as old as cards themselves. A player who edge sorts keeps an eye out for marks on the cards that tell him what the cards are. These marks occur naturally over time as the cards are handled, and spotting them is a trick that skilled gamblers use to increase their odds of winning.

However, cheating gamblers will purposely mark the cards as they handle them, which is against the law. If Ivey did this, then he did in fact cheat. However, there is no evidence to this point that Genting can prove that Ivey actually marked the cards. If they are unable to prove this, then they will have to pay Ivey the 7.7 million pounds they owe him.

After Ivey won the money, he left the casino with a promise that the money would be wired into his bank account. The casino failed to do this, and they told him they would not pay up. Now, Ivey is suing the casino to get his winnings in the High Court of Justice Queen’s Bench Division.

The cae will come down to whether or not Genting can prove that Ivey cheated when he was playing Punto Blacno at Crawfords Casino. If they are unable to prove this, they will have to pay back the money they owe him. They will also have to pay his court fees and possibly interest.