Blackjack Mistakes to Avoid

BlackjackThough most blackjack players have a clear idea about the rules and regulations of the game, they generally do not have a basic strategy in place and make mistakes that can easily be avoided. With online options now available, players can easily learn the game and fine tune their strategies before trying to play with others. First time players are often scolded about touching their cards and holding them close to their body. Here are some of the most common mistakes first timers make during blackjack which should be avoided.

  1. Making big bets

Players that have played large wager games like poker and craps make the usual mistake of placing large bets in blackjack which is a wrong move as the odds are only 3-2 and you are not likely to win early. If you want to double the money that is brought to the table then spread your money into several small wagers and collect your money when it doubles and leave.

  1. Making a buy-in when a hand is in play

After you sit down to play blackjack and the hand is going around, wait for your chance for it to get done before making a call for buy in. After a couple or more hands are dealt and the dealer asks about chips encashment, go ahead and make a buy in.

  1. Playing progressive betting strategy

This is the most loss making strategies of playing blackjack as it does not improve odds, but instead increases a player’s losses. Using progressive strategy or playing multiple number of times in blackjack does not increase winning chances. But, if your ratio of high value cards to low value cards is high among unplayed deck, then you can win more.