Baccarat for Pro’s

Once you have the basics of baccarat down, you need to learn the advanced techniques that can turn you into a baccarat pro. If you play with good strategy in baccarat, you can really put a hurting on the casino. That is why the casinos biggest fears are the huge Asian whales who play monster sessions of baccarat in which they go on hot streaks and that seem them take several briefcases full of cash from the casino. If you want to be a baccarat pro, then follow these tips to take your game to the next level.

Baccarat Game

Money Management

There are two keys to using money management to win big at baccarat. The first key is to employ the sound money management strategy that every good gambler uses. Never have more than five percent of your total bankroll in play at the table at once.

The other part of good money management is knowing how to ride the streaks out. When you go on a hot streak, it is the time to start raising your bets. However, when you are on a cold streak, you need to shrink your bets to limit the damage.

Bet the Banker

If you do one thing to raise your chances of walking away a winner, then that one thing should be always to bet on the banker. The banker bet offers the best odds of any bet in the casino. If you bet on the banker bet exclusively, then you are lowering the house’s edge to just over one percent if you are playing at a table that uses a shoe with eight decks.

Keep a Level Head

In any gambling scenario, only the cool-headed players are going to be triumphant over time. If you lose your cool and start betting wildly, you will be walking home with your pockets empty before you know it. Always keep a level head at the table. If you lose your cool, then walk away from the table until you are able to calm down.

Walk Away a Winner

You have to know when to walk away from the table. This applies when you are losing, but it is even more important when you are winning. When you go on a hot streak, you should not wait around once it starts to cool off. Take the winnings that you have made, pocket them and walk out of the casino a winner.