Better Gaming on the Beltway


Of all the markets in Vegas, one of the most difficult to optimize over the past decade is that of North Las Vegas. However, Terry Downey has taken on the challenge as the new general manager of the Aliante Casino Hotel.

Investing in Positive Change

The change in ownership has come as the result of the business’s recent bankruptcy. He began his position of leadership with a upgrade to the building itself. A $2.8 million investment went into refurbishing and rebranding for certain elements of the business, and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. The new building includes a 24-hour restaurant, and an additional second-floor spa. Prior to this venture, Downey had been in retirement.

Business is expected to increase even more once the 215 Beltway expansion is complete. This roadway will connect the new casino with potential customers in Centennial Hills. While it may seem that Downey and his investors are facing an uphill battle alone, there is increased support expected on a variety of levels. The Mayor has recently gotten behind the venture, increasing the public standing and exposure to the project.

The Numbers Bode Well

For new visitors and seasoned players alike, there are plenty of reasons to make their way to the new and improved Aliante Casino and Hotel. It now features 1,000 square feet of gaming in addition to 200 hotel rooms. Recently, the net profits of the establishment are already up by 14 percent. These profits have been roughly doubling with the passing of each month.

When Downey first took his position, the hotel’s occupancy remained steady at around 40 percent. Today, this number has increased to nearly 90 percent on a regular basis. Downey cites their unique approach that is centered on creativity when shaping the experience that guests can expect to have when visiting.