Echo Entertainment’s Investors Question VIP Projections

Investors of Australia-based entertainment and gaming firm Echo Entertainment are questioning its theoretic model of future profit projections based on revenues from VIP gamblers. They stated that the projections of profits that the firm can win over a period of time are highly inflated as these are based on the premise that high rollers will bet specific amounts during this period. According to the theory projected by Echo Entertainment’s financial management body, future profits are based on an estimation that the casino will earn 1.43 percent on every $100 bet by VIP customers at its tables.

Actual vs projected earnings at Echo Entertainment

Echo-LogoThis projection was accepted at face value until it was discovered that Echo’s win rate from VIP customers was only at 1.27 percent so there was a shortfall of $66 million over projected earnings of $521 million which was largely due to volatile behaviour of high rollers. Though these high net worth clients wagered around $46 billion on its tables in 2015 it has not led to growth in revenues. Analysts’ state that Echo Entertainment’s projections are a little unrealistic and the closest earnings a casino can expect from high rollers is 1.35 percent in table games like baccarat which is easily achievable and is the industry standard.

Echo Entertainment’s earnings

Echo group owns three popular casinos in Queensland area of Australia and calculated the win rate on the basis of theoretical average of five years. Though the volume of VIP gamblers at Echo’s Jupiters Hotel and Casino has grown in recent months when compared to previous years the market has become very volatile so its theoretical rates are way above what is actually earned. Echo older theoretical rate was at a high of 1.62 percent a couple of years ago but was reduced to 1.43 percent after protests by its 10 percent stakeholder James Packer of Crown. But even this rate is higher than industrial average of 1.35 percent so there is a difference between actual win rate and projected rate.

Hong Kong Man Wins $12 Million in Baccarat

Hong Kong-based smart card expert, Lin Haisan set a world record when he won an incredible amount of $12 million at a baccarat tournament in Macau. The grand prize which in Hong Kong dollars amounts to 100 million has ensured that the World Series Baccarat Championship, which was organised at Sheraton Macau Hotel by Suncity Group. The overall prize of the tournament was also record-breaking at $15,339,600, which was the highest ever set in a baccarat tournament.

Lin Haisan

About the Suncity tournament

The Suncity tournament is held after two qualifying events at Crowne Plaza, Melbourne in Australia followed by Venetian Macau of Sands China. The players that qualify in these two events are taken through two stage semi-final round and then a final tournament is held at Sheraton Macao. The tournament organisers Suncity Group have reported that they have set a Guinness world record for giving the biggest prize ever for baccarat tournament amounting to HKD 100 million. The combined pool amount is also a world record as it stood at HKD 129 million. The final leg of the tournament was held at Macao Sheraton on the Sands Cotai property recently.

Events at the Suncity tournament

Though Lin Haisan was the only one to win the staggering amount of HKD 100 million there were others that did win significant amounts from the main pool of 129 million. The philanthropic arm of the group also donated $1 million HKD on the celebration night to Macau Tung Sin Tong charitable Society and also to Cradle of Hope Association, which carries out social service to help needy members of society. The firm, which arranges junkets from the mainland into Macau, says that this tournament will help it to expand operations and provide diverse entertainment facilities to its guests.

Global Forecast of Online Gambling and Betting Market

Since the time gambling was introduced as a formal recreational source, people have been betting on outcomes of games in casinos, gaming parlours and racing tracks, which have now moved to online gambling. Land-based casinos are trying hard to reduce the growing popularity of online gambling. It has been growing exponentially in states and nations where it is legal as it is available on online portals and downloadable applications. The biggest reason for growth of online gambling is that players can use their mobile phones to play varied games like slots and card tables, and also place bets on sporting events like horse racing and football.

Growth of online gambling

online gamblingThis industry has grown due to rapid expansion of applications oriented smartphones and tablets followed by low cost payment options and growth of consumer confidence in online gambling sites which offer freebies all around the year to customers. The online gambling industry consists of several gaming options like sports betting, slot machines, and bingo, lottery and casino card games like poker, blackjack, baccarat and craps. Online gambling is limited to Western Europe, Australia, America and is a heavily regulated industry to streamline activities of betting. In Asian and North American nations online gambling with real money is limited to few nations and states.

Emerging trends in the industry

Rising demand for legalising online betting is forcing state governments to look into regulations to implement games at the earliest as these can also earn revenues which can be used for welfare activities. Social media and mobile gaming applications have also contributed significantly to the growth of betting industry which has also helped in growing popularity of digital currency Bitcoin. The lucrative nature of online gambling has prompted several states to consider legalization of online casino like New Jersey which generated $1 million within a week of starting operations. The largest brands in this industry are 888 Holdings, Betfair Group, Ladbrokes, Poker Stars and Amaya Group which owns Full Tilt Poker.

New Live Dealer Tables at EuroGrand Casino

EuroGrand Casino offers exciting gaming options in live versions for its patrons. The live versions of dealer games help casinos give gamers the feel of being at an actual game in a casino along with all the interactions with the dealer. This has helped casinos take advantage of the fact that several online games are very popular today, and live dealer versions of these games have upped the casino experience greatly.


 The advantage

EuroGrand, through its live dealer games, is fulfilling a need in the market to make online gaming experience as authentic as possible. The live online games allow gamers to play their favourite games in the comfortable confines of their homes, but still have interaction with the dealers. Such online games with live dealers are ideal for individuals who like the games, but not the crowd.

The online gaming experience with live dealers is also a great way to retain gamers on the days they are inclined to not visit a physical casino or are not able to come to a casino due to any number of reasons. Then, there are players who do not like to play online games without real interaction. Casinos have bridged this gap on the business through live dealers and EuroGrand has been a pioneer in this.

The technology

Webcams that are operated one-way is the tech that connects users to the studio where dealers run the game. So, when users sign up for these games, they are automatically linked to a studio where they can interact with the dealer and also have a full view of the game tables. Gamers can also talk with the dealers during the game. The setup is just like a real casino with the only difference being that the players are not actually present in the casinos physically, but come very close to experiencing the live casino environment.

How Gambling And Tourism Intertwine In China’s Gambling Capital

The tiny town that was once an obscure Portuguese colony quickly became one of the richest cities in the world – thanks to its sprawling gambling industry. In 2006, Macau beat Las Vegas to become the largest gambling centre in the world.

MacauThe gambling Mecca of the Orient, Macau is everything Vegas is not. No loud music, no bright lights, no glamour, just hardcore, old fashioned gambling. Some 35 casinos, spread over eight square kilometres, cashed a total of £27.4bn last year. Now, let’s put the information in perspective – the amount is seven times more than what was collected by casinos on The Strip in Vegas!

Baccarat drives the Macau boom

If Macau is the Mecca, Baccarat is the religion. The card game, which was originally introduced in the 1930s by some of the earliest casinos operating in the area, is extremely popular among high rollers.

It’s the one game that matters in Macau and not because it’s the game that everybody’s favourite British Secret Service agent prefers, but because it’s packed with opportunities to win big! Casino operators know that and are now banking on increased tourism from mainland China.

Last year, an estimated 17 million people visited Macau. A majority of these tourists had a strategy in their minds and money in their hands, ready to be spent. Chinese gamblers visit Macau to win and not to have fun, operators say. Most stay on the peninsula for only a day, which is enough to play baccarat. As day breaks, about half of them take the first ferry to Hong Kong, along with their winnings from the previous day.

China’s very own Monte Carlo

Baccarat has given China its very own Monte Carlo. However, casino operators in Macau know better than to rely on 24-hour-long “tourism” alone. They are investing generously in resorts, malls and stage shows, rooting on a new kind of tourism, one that appeals to the growing middle and upper-middle class.

If high-rolling gamblers come, they can bring their families and so do Chinese visitors with little or no interest in gambling. Venetian Macau covered its premises with fake snow last year during Christmas. Sweets were handed out, carols sung and Chinese holidaymakers spent lavishly. With six new resorts under construction, the town is set to woo a larger chunk of the prosperous middle class.

Take the Road Trip of Your Life with Jackpot Capital Casino

Get ready to hit the road this summer with Jackpot Capital Casino. Relax and enjoy the time of your life with the Casino Reels on Wheels’ $100,000 road trip, and the chance to win over $16,000 in weekly bonus give-aways.

Trip of a lifetime

jackpot capital casinoHop into the Jackpot Capital Casino RV to experience some winning action. Everyone’s a winner, but frequent players hold better chances with higher odds of winning bigger prizes. Visit a series of incredibly famous casinos across the United States during the exclusive $100,000 event.

Players determined and lucky enough to make it to the final destination in Las Vegas qualify to win massive cash prizes. Occasional players also have the benefit of grand prizes and weekly bonuses.

Mobile benefits

Jackpot Capital Casino automatically awards players points when they play any of their games either online or on portable devices. In fact, using your mobile phone or tablet will get you double points on the scoreboard.

Players stand to win up to $800 in weekly cash bonuses based solely on their place and position on the scoreboard. Weekly random raffle picks await players with awards of around $2500 in casino bonuses.

Cash give-aways

A grand prize draw is set up for players at the end of the road trip filled with chances to win multiple cash prizes.

  • The first ten players who make it through the first destination, Atlantic City, will receive a $100 cash prize each.
  • Players to make it to the second destination will see themselves winning up to $200 in cash.
  • The five players to reach the third destination are assured a $300 cash payout.
  • Last two players to make it to the end of the trip – the sparkling neon Vegas – will automatically win $500 each.

Play your way through and earn points at the four stations on the RV adventure road trip and win around $5,000 in prizes. At Jackpot Capital Casino, the jackpots are huge, games fun, and bonuses in cash.


Baccarat is one of the oldest games that continue to be relevant to the gambling scene today. The ancient European game has been around for more than 500 years; however its origins are still unclear. The game is believed to have been introduced to France through Italy, where the word “baccarat” means “zero”.


At the time when it was first brought to France, Charles VIII ruled the country (1483 to 1498). Baccarat soon became a favourite among royalty in France and subsequently spread to other parts of the world.

Today, it is the most popular game in Macau – the gambling capital of China. It also enjoys a fair share of popularity outside sinners’ dens in and around the world.

Baccarat in popular culture

  • The Tranby Croft scandal (a Baccarat scandal involving Edward VII) and the lawsuit that ensued thereafter is together referred to as the Royal Baccarat Scandal. Newspapers covering the scandal began publishing rules of the game, increasing awareness about it among the public.
  • The original novel The Casino Royale, used Baccarat as a major plot element.
  • A play called The Royal Baccarat Scandalwas staged in theatres during the late 80s.
  • Several songs, television series and films have been created based on the game.

Baccarat in motion picture

  • A Hard Day’s Night – The Beatles film, released in 1964, discusses Baccarat in a rather detailed manner. Paul McCartney’s grandfather tricks his way into a posh casino, first winning, but subsequently losing a game of Baccarat.
  • The Bond films – Baccarat is the favourite casino game of super-agent 007. Dr. No, Never Say Never, Golden Eye, Thunderball and On Her Majesty’s Secret Service are a few of the Bond films that feature the game. Casino Royale (1967), in particular is based heavily upon it.
  • Jackie Chan films – City Hunter (1993) and Rush Hour 3 (2007) are two of the several films in which, Jackie Chan can be seen playing Baccarat. He is known to be an avid Baccarat player off screen too.

You cannot talk about great gambling-based motion pictures and not include a film or two based on baccarat in your must-watch list. Go ahead and try it!

Casino Games and Card Games Minimum Bets in Macau

Macau’s casinos feature the best card games and casino games anywhere. More people are flocking to Macau to gamble than ever before, many times more than go to Las Vegas. Mass market revenue for gaming far suppresses Las Vegas play, which relies on VIP play, and accounts for up to 40 percent of Macau’s gaming take.

Macau Casino

Minimum baccarat bets in Macau’s top casinos start at $300 Hong Kong dollars, around $40 U.S. Roulette tables have lower minimums. Crap tables are scarce in Macau, but do exist and have low minimum bets. Chinese also play sic bo, a dice contest also referred to as cussec and big-small.

Blackjack bets in Macau casinos seem evenly divided between HK$300 minimum bets and higher amounts. However, blackjack isn;t as popular game as baccarat. Government table limits mean many Macau casinos put n many more baccarat tables as a result. they’re interested in profits, so don;t look for a variety of games, just the most popular ones.

Macau casinos have re-arranged tables to emphasize mass games. For example. the Grand Lisboa casino has placed it’s lowest minimum games on the ground floor where once those table were on the third floor. Games with HK$500 minimum bets are on the second floor, a standard placement in Macau casinos today.

Wynn Macau has been making strides wit a humongous ground floor operation featuring a large volume of HK$300 minimum tables. MGM Macau and Cacao have fewer HK$300 tables and a larger emphasis on HK$500 minimum tables. City of Dreams and Venetian Macao each feature a large array of HK$300 baccarat minimum tables.

The future looks bright for Macau casino games and card games with the addition of HK$500 to HK$3,000 tables also gaining steam, analysts say.

A Peek at Innovation

Baccarat is a staple of traditional casino games, offering players excitement and winning opportunities that no other game can present. Despite the age and popularity of this game, it has not been one that is off limits when it comes to bringing traditional games to the attention of new players in the constantly growing digital landscape of gaming itself. One of the major players to take a second look at how players can have access to this beloved game is Platinum Play. They have taken the traditional baccarat format and expanded it to include multi-bet tables that are partnered with rich graphics and unprecedented levels of player interaction.

platinum casino play

The Difference Is Clear

Platinum Play has partnered with Microgaming in order to make this new game one that is simply too good to pass up. Together, they have created a baccarat experience that is full of innovative features and unexpected perks that engage players like never before. Among the innovative features that keep players talking is the idea of “Card Peeking.” Using this feature, players have the opportunity to essentially rotate their perspective of the game play in order to see select cards that are being dealt which would normally remain hidden during traditional play. While the popularity of this version of Baccarat is popular in Europe and North America, the feedback from Asian players has been particularly compelling for the game developers. Another change to the traditional Baccarat system is the fact that players can place multiple bets simultaneously. Entitled “Baccarat Gold,” this online gaming experience creates a digital gaming experience that attacks the senses in every way. Rewards, entertainment, and cutting-edge technology are the foundations of success for Baccarat Gold.

More To Work With

Eight packs of cards are incorporated in every game and players can bet on a minimum of one hand. The maximum bet applies to nine hands. The traditional rules of Baccarat still apply, and players can still win substantial amounts of money in a single hand. Platinum Play has prided itself in creating a Baccarat experience that is suitable for seasoned players in addition to players who are new to casino table games in general.

Better Gaming on the Beltway


Of all the markets in Vegas, one of the most difficult to optimize over the past decade is that of North Las Vegas. However, Terry Downey has taken on the challenge as the new general manager of the Aliante Casino Hotel.

Investing in Positive Change

The change in ownership has come as the result of the business’s recent bankruptcy. He began his position of leadership with a upgrade to the building itself. A $2.8 million investment went into refurbishing and rebranding for certain elements of the business, and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. The new building includes a 24-hour restaurant, and an additional second-floor spa. Prior to this venture, Downey had been in retirement.

Business is expected to increase even more once the 215 Beltway expansion is complete. This roadway will connect the new casino with potential customers in Centennial Hills. While it may seem that Downey and his investors are facing an uphill battle alone, there is increased support expected on a variety of levels. The Mayor has recently gotten behind the venture, increasing the public standing and exposure to the project.

The Numbers Bode Well

For new visitors and seasoned players alike, there are plenty of reasons to make their way to the new and improved Aliante Casino and Hotel. It now features 1,000 square feet of gaming in addition to 200 hotel rooms. Recently, the net profits of the establishment are already up by 14 percent. These profits have been roughly doubling with the passing of each month.

When Downey first took his position, the hotel’s occupancy remained steady at around 40 percent. Today, this number has increased to nearly 90 percent on a regular basis. Downey cites their unique approach that is centered on creativity when shaping the experience that guests can expect to have when visiting.