Casinos Extend Bonuses To Baccarat And Other Games


When online casinos were first developed, most of them would offer some kind of welcome incentive to players. Most of these incentives centered around slots. Now, as more casinos come online, they must offer more competitive bonuses and open the bonuses up for more games.

Baccarat has always been a popular game throughout casinos. As more people are able to play the game online, the ability to learn how to play the game and how to make bets is increasing. More people are able to be introduced to the game, even if a local casino doesn’t offer it.

WinPalace Casino recently launched a new welcome package that provides up to $1000 in free money. This is done by providing a 200 percent bonus on the first two deposits made. Players simply have to use the code: PALACEWELCOME when they go on and create their account.

The free money can be used for an array of games that the casino has to offer. This includes slots and various forms of poker as well as favourites including:

– Baccarat15thCenturySpanishCardDeck
– Roulette
– Dice
– Sic Bo
– Keno

– Blackjack


The game of baccarat is a unique one because it involves comparing cards

. In some instances, the game is pure chance because there is no opportunity to add in skill. However, this varies based upon the version of the game that the casino adopts.

Most online casinos offer free lessons for players. This includes either an article, a tutorial, or a basic synopsis of the game. Some online casinos also allow players to play a game without making a bet. This allows players to learn the game without losing money. Once they are familiar with the game, then they are able to place a bet.

Online players need to be on the lookout for welcome bonuses. Some bonuses have the ability to provide free money to play with, which is a great way to come out ahead. The bonus usually revolves around how much money a person wants to load into their online account initially.

Blackjack Comes Back Strong

The popularity of gaming is growing at a record pace. From televised poker tours to online gaming establishments, the public cannot get enough when it comes to the games that make casinos one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. Poker tournaments that are televised have steadily soared in ratings over the past decade, leaving all of the major networks clamoring to get their hands on some form of gaming that they can put to their advantage. CBS has turned their focus to blackjack. There are many reasons that people latch onto this game so easily, making it an ideal choice for the mass of potential viewers. The winnings can be big, and the rules are simple. Additionally, game play is fast-paced, keeping viewers consistently engaged.

The Rules of Play

blackjackCBS has plans to air coverage of the National Blackjack Tour. This tournament brings together a considerable number of the world’s best poker players to compete for a chance to take home $1 million. Both the jackpot and the star power is cause enough for CBS to think big when it comes to possible ratings for this event. Each match has the potential to eliminate of the 100 players who are scheduled to be competing, making the stakes high at every turn. Roughly ten of the biggest names in poker will be appearing with hopes of being the chip leader each and every time after 30 hands in order to move forward in the tournament.

What It Takes to be a Star

Among the biggest names taking their seats at the table are Johnny Chan, Ken Einiger, and Phil Hellmuth. Despite the popularity and fame that comes to these players, not all of them wish to become stars. The recent media attention has put many individuals in the spotlight who did not start this type of career for the glitz and glamour. In fact, many of the hottest names in the game often appear on television in disguises or fully dressed in costume in order to hide their identity. While CBS is certainly promoting these events based on the players present, the possibilities when it comes to flair and surprises is certainly an added bonus.

The Basics Make It Big

ultimate-bet-poker-tableBlackjack is a game that has been catching on recently for game players of all types with a fever that is burning red hot. Some of the leading online gaming companies are taking notice and rising to the occasion in order to meet the demand. Absolute Poker and UltimateBet are two leading companies who are making this game more enticing than it has ever been. They have joined together and rolled out Blackjack Fever, offering jackpots to players that reach payouts as high as $20,000.

A Standard at Work

One top of this potential money up for grabs, players are able to take home as much as $1,000 in bonuses each and every day that the action is going. Part of promoting this game has been to offer players a 21-day period in which players with the most natural winning hand for blackjack in a 24-hour period will take home the $1,000 prize. The most “natural” hand is that in which players achieve or come closest to 21 with the fewest cards possible. Players were lining up, and success has been assured.

The Details of Play

Blackjack has long been one of the world’s most popular physical casino games. With offerings such as this from leading gaming companies around the world, it is now tearing up the tables in the virtual gaming world as well. The game allows for single or multi-player platforms, increasing the excitement for gamers even more. Winners are typically walking away with prizes thanks to an Ace and a face card. The win is added to their daily total blackjack tally, putting them in the top running without a push. Blackjack splits do not qualify in this sort of tournament play either.

The Creative Minds

Both Absolute Poker and UltimateBet are no strangers to big promotions and success in the world of online gaming. They have decades of combined experience, allowing them to flawlessly set up a secure and exciting gaming environment no matter what casino classic may be on the table. Players have the luxury of lump sums and cash payouts as well.

Baccarat for Pro’s

Once you have the basics of baccarat down, you need to learn the advanced techniques that can turn you into a baccarat pro. If you play with good strategy in baccarat, you can really put a hurting on the casino. That is why the casinos biggest fears are the huge Asian whales who play monster sessions of baccarat in which they go on hot streaks and that seem them take several briefcases full of cash from the casino. If you want to be a baccarat pro, then follow these tips to take your game to the next level.

Baccarat Game

Money Management

There are two keys to using money management to win big at baccarat. The first key is to employ the sound money management strategy that every good gambler uses. Never have more than five percent of your total bankroll in play at the table at once.

The other part of good money management is knowing how to ride the streaks out. When you go on a hot streak, it is the time to start raising your bets. However, when you are on a cold streak, you need to shrink your bets to limit the damage.

Bet the Banker

If you do one thing to raise your chances of walking away a winner, then that one thing should be always to bet on the banker. The banker bet offers the best odds of any bet in the casino. If you bet on the banker bet exclusively, then you are lowering the house’s edge to just over one percent if you are playing at a table that uses a shoe with eight decks.

Keep a Level Head

In any gambling scenario, only the cool-headed players are going to be triumphant over time. If you lose your cool and start betting wildly, you will be walking home with your pockets empty before you know it. Always keep a level head at the table. If you lose your cool, then walk away from the table until you are able to calm down.

Walk Away a Winner

You have to know when to walk away from the table. This applies when you are losing, but it is even more important when you are winning. When you go on a hot streak, you should not wait around once it starts to cool off. Take the winnings that you have made, pocket them and walk out of the casino a winner.

Baccarat Takes Hold Of Gambling World

Baccarat TableWhile gambling has taken over in Macau, consequently, the world’s largest gambling market, it has been the game of choice for ladies and gentlemen of leisure for a very long time. As it becomes more popular in Asia, this just shows that Baccarat is making a comeback.

As the game becomes more and more popular, more and more options open up to players. Yes, players could easily head down to Southeast Asia for a gambling holiday, and you would find a ton of Chinese gamblers crowded around Baccarat tables. While this is James Bond’s favorite game, the tastes of Chinese gamblers in Macau are allowing Baccarat to get bigger all over the world.

Remember, in a place where they make six times more money than they do in Las Vegas, when a game gets popular, it’s going to get popular everywhere else, too.

What’s the biggest draw? You can win very big in Baccarat because the game is so very simple. However, it also offers huge opportunities for the casino because they can win big from gamblers who losing large sums of cash in single hands.

If you thought that playing in Macau was the only way to get a good game of Baccarat, then you’re wrong. Singapore, Hong Kong, and even Las Vegas are seeing a surge in Baccarat gaming.

What does this mean for the gambler who’s staying in Europe to play cards? It’s quite simple. Baccarat is coming to you, and it is coming to you very quickly.

If you don’t understand the game, it’s very simple and you will catch on very quickly. That is the appeal in Asia. Really, that’s the appeal everywhere. If you do, the surge of the game is going to give you more than one table to play at.

You don’t have to engage in all the superstitious rituals that gamblers in Asia take part in, but you will be able to play at large and small tables depending on your taste in the future.

Only the most sophisticated casinos in Europe had Baccarat tables and they were frequented by tuxedoed men like James Bond. However, with more people wanting to play, you’ll find a great deal of tables at every stop on your casino crawl. Plus, the game moves so quickly that a forth or fifty games of Baccarat can be played in an hour. Roulette sees about ten of fifteen.

IF you want to see the former European colonies, you could head out to Asia to play Baccarat, or you could just wait for the surge to reach mainland Europe. It is growing by the day, and with such a large percentage of Macau’s revenues coming from the game, you can bet you’ll see it sooner rather than later.

Casino UK Unveils Rebrand & Mobile Casino

Popular UK-centric online gaming portal located in the internet boasts overhauled, modern and elegant design elements, exciting new games and more.

A leading online gaming portal, has recently unveiled its re branded product and website. The primary key improvements to the site encompass a completely overhauled, modern and elegant design; exciting bonuses for new players;
new casino games – bringing the online casino’s offerings to 600-plus – and new deposit and withdrawal options to make transactions easier for players. To top it all off, Casino UK has also announced the launch of their mobile casino.



With a sleek, uber-cool and modern design as a stunning backdrop, Casino UK’s improved feature set begins with new “endless casino bonuses” – when gamers deposit with Casino UK, they’re treated to a structure that promises a 100-percent bonus/up to 100 credits free on the first deposit, a 200-percent bonus/up to 50 credits free on the second deposit and a 50-percent bonus/up to 50 credits free on the third deposit. If players prefer a more measured pace, a Free Play Bonus structure allows for 3,000 free credits to play with and 60 minutes to make the most of the winning streak – no deposit required.

Exciting new games have been added to to complement the online casino’s already impressive roster of selections, bringing the total offerings to a staggering 600-plus. Gamers can choose from such edge-of-the-seat adventures as Thunderstruck II, Leagues of Fortune, The Dark Knight, Atlantic City Blackjack, European Blackjack, European Roulette, Premier Roulette, Bonus Deuces Wild Video Poker and Three-Card Poker.

With a plethora of banking options for players to choose from on, gamers can pick any withdrawal and deposit method they favor, always assured by Casino UK staff that every method is reliable, safe and trusted.

For more information, visit the revitalized Casino UK - NEW FACE


History of Baccarat

Baccarat is one of the oldest of all the casino games. The game traces its origins back to the 1400s. It was first created in Italy, and the name of the game actually means “zero” in the Italian language. Although it was only slightly popular when it was introduced in Italy, baccarat took off like a rocket when it was introduced to the French in the late 15th century.

Baccarat Table

The game was a massive hit with the French nobility. They played it constantly for very high stakes. In fact, the French nobility were so fond of the game that they continued to play it often even when gambling was outlawed by the French king Louis XIV.

From France, the game spread slowly throughout the European casinos. Like most casino games in those days, the game was almost exclusively played by the nobility in lavish casinos. It was also sometime played in nobles homes as well.

During the 29th century, baccarat moved on from Europe to the United States. French and English immigrants brought the game to the New World, and it became somewhat popular in riverboat casinos along the Mississippi.

Although it came to the United States in the 19th century, baccarat was not very popular outside of Europe until the 20th century. It was in the 1950s that the legendary Dunes casino decided to create a new version of baccarat to make it more appealing to American gamblers. This new version of the game, known as Punto Banco, made the house the bank for both the player’s and the banker’s hand.

This new way to play the game was a huge hit in the Las Vegas casinos, and the popularity of the new version quickly led it to become the preferred version of baccarat around the world. Casinos in Las Vegas, Europe and Macau now primarily offer the Punto Blanco variety of baccarat that was first introduced in Las Vegas.

After Las Vegas introduced the new version of baccarat, it increased the popularity of the game due to its better odds. It quickly became known as one of the most profitable games for high stakes gamblers, and it still has that reputation today.

Although baccarat is popular in Europe and the United States, it is in Asia where it is most popular these days. Asian gamblers cannot get enough of the game, and it is the most popular casino game in the gambling mecca of Macau.