Baccarat strategies (BST201)

Casinos generally provide pads of paper and pencil which can be used to keep track of past hands and find patterns during the round that can hint at which cards are left and which ones have already been used. This could provide players with an idea of how close each hand is to 9.

Card counting has always been quite a successful strategy in Baccarat. Card counting provides opportunities to overcome the house edge, as it offers a slight edge for the players and can contribute to a win. This edge works out to around one hand per 8 deck shoe – so player will find that their chances of winning do increase.

This is probably the best strategy of all: play both the banker and player hands at the same time, but remember to always managing your money by setting betting limits for yourself. Even when you win, learn to walk away with your winnings. Also think carefully  about what bets you’re going to place and when – never place bets that are over your budget and don’t increase the amount you bet if you’re in a losing stage of the round. Play smart – increase your bet when in a winning streak and decrease your bet when losing.