Etiquette (BET101)

Etiquette is important in any game, especially Baccarat because it shows respect – not only for the game, but for the other players accompanying you. Because Baccarat is a game primarily played by the upper class, having good etiquette shows you’re educated and you also gain the respect of others around you.

Showing good etiquette also signifies that you’re taking the games seriously and this admiration will encourage people to take you seriously.

When purchasing chips, place the bet (the amount of money you’re willing to put on the table) and wait patiently for the dealer to replace them for chips. Do not hand your money to the dealer, rather place your bet on the table and the dealer with then slide you the chips.

When the round begins, do not turn over your cards given to you by the dealer – wait for the player and banker hands to be dealt. As much as anticipation is high, patience is a virtue in the game of Baccarat.

The casino will provide you with a pen and paper. This is not to draw pictures, but to record the outcome after each hand is played. This could serve you well when putting into play the strategies we will teach you in the next section.